Four College Girls Buy Puppy With Their Friends Nude Photos

College girls buy husky puppy with friends nude photos

Four college freshmen who all live together in a dorm in San Antonio, Texas have caused an internet meltdown after they used their friends nude photos to buy a husky puppy.

The four girls said that they wanted a puppy for a while and when one girl saw that her friend was selling nine husky puppies online she inquired about how much they were.

The friend, a guy named Christian, gave a very predictable guy response, "send nudes."

As the girls talked about it one girl realized that she had nude photos of her friend that probably sent them to her while she was drunk.

One of the roommates actually asked the girl with the nude photos if she minded that she traded her nude photos for a puppy and the girl, who doesn't want to be named, actually agreed.

Christian agreed to the deal and the girls all drove to get the puppy together and thought it was so funny that they'd all tweet about it.  


Some people were pissed

College Girls Exchanged Nude Pics For A Puppy And They Aren't Even Sorry

But most people were all for it!