Corey Feldman Claims He Was Stabbed In The Stomach

Corey Feldman stabbed in stomach

According to TMZ, Corey Feldman was taken to the hospital after he claims a complete stranger stabbed him in the abdomen and then escaped.

Feldman claims he was at a traffic light on Tuesday in San Fernando Valley with one of his security guards when 3 men approached his car. He says that while his security guard was distracted by 3 guys, a car pulled up and another attacker jumped out, stabbed him with what Feldman could only identify as a sharp object and then fled the scene.

Feldman was immediately rushed to the hospital after the attack, and LAPD was then informed of the attack rather than calling 911 immediately. Cops are investigating even though Feldman had no visible lacerations.

Feldman claims he knows who it is and that he has been getting online threats from a group of people that he refers to as the "Wolfpack" and says "I have reason to believe it's all connected!  Enough is enough!"

According to law enforcement sources Feldman was initially admitted to the hospital with no evidence of laceration and don't know if he suffered any other injuries, but there was nothing visible on his body. He was admitted to the hospital in stable condition.

Feldman told police that the attacker appeared to be following him, and tried to stab him with a "long, sharp object."  Feldman fears it was a syringe and thinks he may have been injected with something.