24% of Couples In California Choosing Pets Over Kids

A recent survey revealed that 24% of pet owning couples in California found that they are prioritizing their pet parenthood over having (human) children.

The survey, conducted by Innovet Pet (a pet supply producer) compiled data from 3,800 pet owners across the country, also found that California pet owners would take 3 unpaid days off of work to care for a sick/injured pet and that over half of Californians prioritize their pets' diets over their own.

Surprisingly, the study also revealed that Californians are not the most passionate pet owners in America. Pet owners in Pennsylvania would take up to 6 unpaid days off to care for a pet and 56% of young couples in Louisiana would prefer to parent pets over babies.

To see how responses differed across the country, check out this interactive map.

Photo: Bigstock

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