Craft Breweries Are A Top Hang Out Spot For Parents. Do Kids Belong There?

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You get off work, you head down to your favorite brewery for some time with your buddies or just to sit and enjoy a beer by yourself and then... someone sitting next to you has their crying baby or a child that is well below the legal drinking age.  Does this bother you?

Craft beer pundits argue that the craft market is nearing a saturation point, and most taproom owners are trying their best to not limit the types of customers that come to their brewery which includes not restricting even the youngest of customers.

While this may be appealing to parents with children it is not appealing to childless people or people who frequent breweries to perhaps relax or hang with friends in a quieter more adult-like atmosphere.

When surveyed some adults claim that they wish that breweries wouldn't allow children and that bar conversations are often times interrupted by shrieks of children or unsupervised children climbing on chairs, bike racks and even tables.

While other adults surveyed said that they don't have an issue with children at breweries as long as their parents aren't letting their children run around letting them act like it's a playground. 

How do you feel about breweries letting children in?