Crazy In The Head, Crazy In The Bed: Is Sex With Crazy Chicks Better?

Sex with crazy women is better

New study confirms that men have better sex with women who are emotionally unstable.  Did we really need research for this?

According to German researchers who surveyed more than one thousand people, men overall reported better sex with women who are emotionally unstable while women had better sex with men who were less agreeable but pay attention to detail.  Apparently noticing her haircut is super important?

Researchers say that they already know that a person's perception of how compatible they are with their partner will make for a great sex life.

But until now no one has actually studied personality traits and how they influenced another's sexual function.

Lead researcher Julia Velten interviewed each volunteer about their sex lives, their personality traits and their sexual function.

Not only did they discover that men have better sex with emotionally unstable women but also claim that men have better sex with partners who have similar traits - specifically being easily stimulated.

"In men who are easily aroused by erotic fantasies or visual stimuli, having a partner who responds in a similar way may facilitate sexual function," the researchers said.

The ages of volunteers varied but had an average age of 51 and had been in their current relationships for an average of 24 years.