Cyclops Puppy Born In Thailand VIDEO

A "cyclops" puppy was born with one litter mate in Chachoengsao, central Thailand this week. His body is normal but he has only one eye (which is centered on his head), and above his eye is a protruding growth that resembles a horn. The puppy also has a strange mouth shaped like a monkey, with large lips.

His deformity prohibits the puppy from nursing so the family he was born to has been bottle feeding him, and so far he is healthy and growing.

Visitors who have come to view the puppy consider him to be lucky, and have encouraged the family to name him "Kevin," after one of the popular animated Minions characters. Somjai Phummaman, who owns the dogs, said ''Everybody has been amazed by him and saying that it is lucky sign. People said that he looks like the yellow cartoon character with one eye, so we can nicknamed him after that.''

Since it can take up to two months for puppy's eyesight to develop fully, it's not clear whether the puppy's single eye will function normally.

Photo: Getty Images (cover photo)

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