Do Cops Really Issue More Tickets At The End Of The Month?

You may have heard that cops have a quota to meet at the end of the month and will pull you over for literally anything in order to meet that quota.  But is it true?

Ticket quotas are actually illegal in most states, but that doesn't mean that cops follow the letter of the law.

Recently, Avvo legal guidance network decided to look at the numbers and see if there is in fact any credence to this claim that cops go on ticketing sprees at the end of the month.

Based on their data, Avvo claims that you may indeed want to set your cruise control closer to the spped limite towards the end of the month. See the graph below:

Most ticketed days of the month

Avvo also looked at the most common charges stemming from traffic stops, with speeding violations leading the way:

Speed violations: 24.6%

License, tag or registration, or document related violations: 20.7%

Driving time restriction violations: 14.2%

Safety equipment or altered vehicle violations: 12.4%

Careless driving and failure to use due care violations: 11.8% 

It also appears that officers like to ruin your day right as it's getting started with the majority of traiffic citations taking place between 7-9am and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday also seem to be the worst days of the week to get a ticket.