Doctors Confirm 'Summer Penis' Is Real

Summer penis is a real thing according to doctors - Photo Big Stock Photography

Have you ever noticed that around 90 degrees your penis starts to appear a little larger?  Turns out you aren't the only one. Men all over the world claim that they experience a bigger penis in the summer and smaller in the winter.

One Reddit user posted a thread:  "Anybody notices size fluctuation during the year? I know mine is bigger, I have better erections in the summer and I also tend to be more of a shower instead of a grower. In the winter, it is the exact contrary. Why is that? More heat = better blood flow?"

Lots of men responded to this post agreeing with his comments and started sharing their own theories:

"Just another part of your body's homeostasis trying to better regulate ideal temperatures."

Another Redditor wrote: "This happens only to my balls. I mean, when its hot they like to go down like if they were trying to get to my knee. In winter or cold days they look like a little hard brain."

After reaching out to several men across the internet to  verify these claims, Tracy Moore of MEL Magazine reached out to Urologist Jamin Brahmbatt to clarify whether or not this phenomenon was actually a thing.

He said: “Summer or winter, your penis size should remain the same.

“When it’s cold outside, your body does try to maintain its internal heat, and therefore things may appear to be more contracted. Blood vessels near the skin contract to maintain the internal heat. However, this type of body heat regulation should not affect the overall size of your penis.”

He added: “When it’s hot outside, your body does try to evaporate the heat through sweat.

"Also when it’s hot outside, you may take in more water, which may in combination with the sweating make it appear like your body or skin is bloated. And that may give you the perception that things are larger.”

However, Dudley Danoff, author of The Ultimate Guide To Male Sexual Health believes 'summer penis' has to do with vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels which occurs when hotter temperatures cause blood vessels to swell to their limit and fill with the maximum amount of blood, making your penis appear larger.

he added there is no cause for concern but instead something that should be celebrated.

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