Emily's Dating Profile

Here's what Emily's dating profile would look like today if she was single.

Ok, so creating one of these profiles is harder than I thought it would be. Who am I? If I had to sum it up in a short sentence it would be: I'm a fun and hard-working mom that loves her job, being creative and her family and friends.  I'm born and raised in this perfect lil city. Creativity is something that I thrive on whether it's cooking in the kitchen or making something with my hands. I most definitely like to have fun and am responsibly carefree. My going out days have become fewer as I am a mother to an awesome and rambunctious son, though, when I do go out it's a blast and definitely worth the night out...dancing, karaoke and basically anything you throw at me, I am game for! I love good food and everything that surrounds it! I love getting dressed up and I also love lounging in a hoodie. I am here looking for someone that is fun and easy going. Someone who is tough and can fix things and is basically a bad ass. Someone who will make me laugh with appropriate or more often inappropriate humor. And someone who will make me feel like a million bucks as I will do the same.


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