Forever 21's Wakanda Forever Sweater Sparks Big Debate

Twitter is not having Forever 21's attempt at marketing its “Black Panther” sweater. The clothing chain selected a white young man to model the sweater, which coins the movie’s famous phrase “Wakanda Forever” on the front.  Almost as soon as the ads were published the backlash began with comments like "Wakanda Bull$#it is this?"

Sentiments swung both ways though, with people highlighting the fact that the Black Panther was created by white men... 

"Soooo if i wore a gotham city shirt woukd that be insulting? you do know without a white man wakanda doesnt exist? you do know without people of all races its not the biggest movie of the year?" 

"I’m still wearing  . Ya pressed over not a got damn thing. Has everyone forgotten  and it’s people are fictional created by a white mans vision ? Goooodbye."

Forever 21 took removed the ad on Tuesday and later showed the sweater on display on its own, without a model wearing it. 

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