Former U.S National Team Star Landon Donovan Is Free To Root For Mexico

According to former U.S. national team star, Landon Donovan, American's should root their chief rivals if their team is not playing in the world cup.

The point of his message:  "In a time of political and cultural division, we should celebrate our many bonds and set aside decades of sporting animosity for a few fun weeks. From a soccer point of view, one could make the case that what’s good for Mexico is good for Concacaf, a region eternally toiling in the shadows of Europe and South America."

Donovan's message was not well received with his former U.S. teammates who experienced epic and often nasty battles with Mexico.

You grew up in SoCal and owe much of your soccer skill to playing with Mexicans. Your father is of Mexican descent (🤦🏻‍♂️). Look around our country, are you happy with how we are treating Mexicans? Open your mind, stand for something & remember where you came from ✌🏼❤️

— Landon Donovan (@landondonovan) June 16, 2018

Here's what other's had to say about his message though: