Foul Ball Girl, Gabby DiMarco Flooded With Marriage Proposals

When a foul ball hit by Braves' Ender Iciarte landed in Gabby's beer during a June 5 baseball game at Petco Park, she never imagined it would lead to a flood of marriage proposals. Gabby told The Show that the attention and proposals have been difficult on her relationship.

Gabby DiMarco was sitting in the stands at Petco Park on Tuesday, watching the San Diego Padres play the Atlanta Braves when her life changed.  The now infamous "foul ball in her beer" incident, has gone viral and sparked a social media frenzy with tags like #somebodymarrythisgirlnow, leading Gabby to receive a whole lot of media attention AND marriage proposals.   

The Cal State San Marcos student was enjoying a ice cold Ballast Point when Ender Iciarte was was at the plate.  He hit a foul ball that sent it high into the stands and just happened to land right in Gabby's beer.

“It bounced from behind me, I wasn't trying to catch it all, and it landed in my cup,” she told

As the crowd at San Diego's Petco Park started cheering they also chanted for her to chug the beer with the baseball in it, so she downed the entire thing.

“Everyone was calling me ’MVP’ and it was hilarious,” DiMarco said.

Since the video has gone viral she has also been getting flooded with marriage proposals.  

She was on the air with The Show this morning when she told them that her boyfriend is afraid she's going to leave him with because of the slew of marriage proposals she has received.  Listen to the entire interview below.

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