Game Of Thrones Actress Has Secret Instagram Account That Reviews Sausages

Sophie Turner

'Game of Thrones' actress Sophie Turner has revealed that she is not only a huge fan of sausage but also has a secret Instagram account that is dedicated strictly to reviewing sausages.  

On Wednesday Sophie Turner posted an Instagram story asking her followers to follow her Instagram page that is dedicated to reviewing sausages of all shapes sizes and tastes.   Each review includes where Turner ate the sausage, her review on the skin, size, taste and texture and of course a final score letting her followers know whether or not the sausage is worth returning to or not.

Judging by her carefully written reviews it appears that Turner is clearly knowledgeable about her sausages and was proven in her Insta bio: "Passionate about the saus."

Give her a follow on Instagram:

Follow: sophiesausagereviewsPhoto: Getty Images

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