Glitter On Your Dog's Balls? New Trend Has Sparked Controversy

Dog balls? We're talking genitals, not the rubber kind you buy at the store. The new trend is to cover canine testicles in edible glitter. It seems to be catching on with dogs that are regularly trimmed by groomers. The trend is sparking controversy from those who think it's hilarious to those who find it humiliating (on behalf of the dog).

It's applied using corn syrup and edible glitter, so apparently it's not harmful to the dog. Aside, from the debate that's brewing, two things come to mind:

1) Who wants to have to touch their dog's balls in the first place?

2) Everyone knows dogs lick their balls A LOT. Will we start seeing glittering poop in the yard? If so, I'd rather just sprinkle the glitter on Fido's food.

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Photo: Getty Images

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