Non-Profit Garage Helps Women Who Can't Afford Car Repairs

Chris Williams is the founder of God's Garage in Texas. The garage exists to repair vehicles at no charge and give vehicles away to single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military.

Although Chris learned the basics of car care from his dad, he wasn't a stranger to automotive and financial challenges. He recalls having an old, rusted out car that he often prayed to God about, saying "God let me make it home on the fumes that are in the tank, 'cause I don't have the money right now to put gas in it. I get paid tomorrow...let it make it one more day." Chris vowed that if he could get through his situation, he would gladly help others.

While living in Atascocita, Texas he started a group at his house that would fix anything they could get their hands on, and that lead to helping people in need. After moving to Montgomery, Texas Chris bought a home that would get him closer to his dream of opening a shop, but even then he couldn't seem to save up enough money to make the shop a reality. Then one night Chris came across a fellow church parishioner and her little girl walking along the side of the road one cold, rainy, night. He pulled over to offer help, and realized at that moment that he had to do whatever it took to help families who were struggling to get by without a working vehicle.

Chris begged and borrowed money to build a shop, and since opening in 2012, God's Garage has continued to repair cars at charge for labor. In 2018, with the help of 91 volunteers, they gave away 146 vehicles, and repaired 127 more. They now have 124 volunteers and they offer training for anyone who wants to help.

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