"Good Guy With Gun" Uses Concealed-Carry Permit To Flip Script On Carjacker

A Wisconsin man, using a concealed-carry permit used his personal handgun to shoot an alleged carjacker in his company's parking lot, one city official said.

The currently unidentified employee, had just arrived for work at Milwaukee Machine Tool Corp, just before 6am on Monday morning when Carlos Martin,21, allegedly attempted to carjack him with a gun.

The employee of the Machine Tool Company had a concealed-carry permit and used a legal weapon to shoot Martin in an attempt to stop the carjacking.  The carjacker later died from injuries sustained.

Concealed-carry expert, Dean Hazen says that while people who have concealed-carry permits and are trained to deal with the consequences of taking a life, that should never be the intent and the last resort.

“It’s a terrible thing, the worst thing you can possibly do in your life with never-ending consequences,” the retired police officer said. “The intent is never to kill anybody. The intent is to stop the threat. Whether they live or die is not up to you.”

Police say that they do not think the carjacker was alone and are looking for another car involved in the incident and the district attorney's office will now determine if the shooting was justified and determine if any charges will be brought against the unidentified employee. 

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