Googly Eye Fish Caught In Norway

The bizarre fish is reportedly at ratfish, which have been in existence for 300 million years. The species is rarely seen because they live thousands of feet below the ocean surface.

It's thought that the large bulbous eyes (that really look a lot like googly eyes) are the result of millions of years of evolution as the species adapted to living at great depths for survival. When ratfish have been caught (which is rare) or observed in the past, their eyes have not been this large.

The fish was caught by fishing guide, Oscar Lundahl who says he nearly “jumped out of his fishing boat” when it was pulled in. Lundahl was leading a group of people fishing for blue halibut off the coast of the island of Andoya in Norway when the fish was caught. He says it took 4 hooks and 30 minutes to reel the fish in because it was roughly 2,600 feet down.

Oscar Lundahl caught the ratfish while working as a guide for Nordic Sea Angling. (Facebook)

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