Guys Hate These 7 Phrases

7 phrases guys hate

A bunch of guys were polled recently to find out what is really annoying to them when meeting and dating women. The poll found that there are seven small phrases that are big turn-offs.  Here they are along with general sentiments about why they're so annoying.

1.  Dude

Yep, apparently it's a turn off to hear a grown woman call a grown man "dude".

2.  I Can't

Especially when said while giggling.  You can't...what? 

3.  Acronyms Spoken Out Loud

Using the terms LOL, WTF, OMG, LMAO, JK, ROTFL, or anything else used in texting while having a conversation makes you sound stupid.

4.  Or Nah

"Do you want to see a movie?  Or nah?  To most guys, it's definitely "Nah".

5.  Just Sayin'

It comes across as trashy.  It's also feels like excuse to say something derogatory and act like no one should be offended.

6.  La-Di-Da

It's just freaking annoying!

7. Totes Cray

"Oh my God, that's totes cray cray guuurl!"  It's lazy and it makes you sound drunk and immature. 


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