Harley-Davidson Releases Limited Edition Beer For Its 115th Anniversary

Harley Davidson Unleashes Limited Edition Beer

The motorcycle giant, headquartered in Milwaukee, created the lager in collaboration with three different Milwaukee based breweries and features a blend of all-Wisconsin malts roasted in Milwaukee.

From now until September 2, Harley Davidson is celebrating its 115th anniversary in the home of the company's headquarters.  This year though, motorcycle fans looking forward to toast the legendary brand will now have a dedicated beer to do it with.  A new limited-edition Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Milwaukee Lager.

Although the brand has created quite a stir lately when they announced plans to move some of the production overseas, this limited edition will still be hardcore Milwaukee.  

The lager will be a combination of three Milwaukee breweries: Good City Brewing, Third Space Brewing and Milwaukee Brewing Company.

Also, the beer will feature blends of all-Wisconsin grown malts that were roasted in Milwaukee (by the global malt company Malteurop).

As for the beer itself, the goal was to produce something with cross-generational appeal.  It will be a slightly fruity lager that will appeal to the old-school Harley riders who are more traditional with their mainstream lagers, but will appeal to the younger craft drinkers who like a little more character in their beers.

“We knew we wanted something that was super balanced, drinkable. The brew team here put together a great beer,” Andy Gehl, co-founder of Third Space Brewing, said in a promotional video. “I think one of the most exciting things about this whole project and this beer is that it’s just about Milwaukee and the heritage and the history.”

Lager fans should be able to find this 115th anniversary beer in restaurants and bars as well as some retail locations mainly in the Milwaukee area starting this Thursday.

Photo: Getty Images