Homeowner Finds Nude Burgler Eating Cheetos In Bathtub

homeowner finds burgler eating cheetos in bathtub

Goldilocks may be a kids story but it rang a little too true for one homeowner in Monroe, Louisiana.  Freda Gray said that she was returning home one day when she found a stranger in her bathtub.  Unlike Goldilocks, however the woman wasn't snacking on porridge, but was eating a bag of Cheetos.

Freda told her local news station that the intruder, named Evelyn Washington, raided her fridge first and then covered the food in Cheetos and snacked on it in the bathroom, where Freda discovered her.

Freda said that finding Washington in their home was terrifying, but she still allowed the woman  to get dressed before calling the police.  However, the clothes Washington got dressed in belonged to the homeowner.

Photo credit: Getty