'I Know You Cheated On Your Wife' Scam Targeting Mostly Affluent Men

The Show talked about the scam that's affecting mostly affluent men.  It's called the 'I Know You Cheated On Your Wife' scam.


The 'I Know You Cheated On Your Wife' blackmail scam is targeting men around the country, in affluent neighborhoods mostly.  The perpetrators then demand payment in bitcoin.

"I know you cheated on your wife."

Those chilling words were in a letter sent to Dave Eargle's home. The then-graduate student found the note in his mailbox and could not believe what he was reading.

"It is just your bad luck that I stumbled across your misadventures while working a job," the letter continued.

"Even if you decide to come clean with your wife about your cheating, doing so won't protect her from the humiliation she will feel when her friends and family find out the sordid details from me."

And then finally, a demand: "If you want me to destroy the evidence and leave you alone forever then send $2,000 in BITCOIN."

Eargle who is happily and faithfully married said the letter had him on edge and made  him feel like he was being targeted. He notified the police and decided to post his experience on a relatively unknown blog only to discover that he was not alone.

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