The Sport Of Curling, More Difficult Than You Realize


You may have heard a lot about curling and a lot of people have been mocking the sport recently on social media making it appear as though  the sport involves very little skill and that they are just mindlessly sweeping the ice  and yelling for no real good reason. This couldn't be more far from the truth.

Turns out the sport is a lot more tactical than you'd realize.

The yelling or line calling is mostly done by the skip, who is the  team's captain. The skip gives the sweepers directions for what they need to do to make the shot the team is after. 

Curling Terms

"Whoa" = stop sweeping (sometimes "up" or "off") 

"Hard" = sweep intensely or fast (sometimes "hurry") 

"Hurry hard" = sweep intensely with downward pressure 

"Yup" = sweep it


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