Kate Middleton Getting Mom Shamed For Allowing Son To Play With Toy Gun

The Dutchess of Cambridge pretty much does a good job of staying out of the media and not making waves, until now!  Photos have surface of her watching Prince William play polo at a polo club match to raise funds for people with cancer and the homeless.  

Their son, Prince George was seen playing with a toy gun and the internet is once again horrified and mom shaming the Dutchess.

Guns do play a large role in British culture and they aren't as sensitive as American's when it comes to guns. A gun salute is actually considered a sign of respect at various functions.

“The Royals have either served in the armed forces or are married to someone who has served,” royal expert Kelly Lynch, managing editor of Dailybreak, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “They’ve learned to respect firearms as deadly weapons, and hopefully teach their children about gun safety from a young age.” 

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