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Los Santos

Marty Interviews Los Santos

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-63193361/sets/los-santos-ep

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Los-Santos-Band-143088109390200/

Los Santos, a hard working, hard rocking original Power Trio from San Diego, Ca. If you like a modern classic rock sound with a heavy edge and punk styling this could be the band for you!

On a sweltering summer day in July of 2015, old friends and the last two remaining native San Diegans Brock Scott and John Cox (JC) planned to get together for an informal jam session. With the recent dissolution of their respective bands, Brock and JC were itching to pick up their instruments and get back to rocking. To round out the sound, Brock called upon an old friend and ex Harbinger band mate Jeff Thomas (JT) to join. The unexpected chemistry of this initial meeting in a sweat-filled garage in Allied Gardens bore the new found Rock n’ Roll power trio Los Santos.

Brock first picked up the sticks in August of 1984 after purchasing an old Rogers drum kit from a friend. Over the next several years he played constantly, first with Mezzo Forte and then with his college band Gerbil Fury. The 90s saw him keeping time with Collage Menage, Flavor Snacks and Harbinger. From 2001 to the present, Brock has spent a lot of time recording in his home studio and playing in various bands including Faded Natives, Dradis and Deep Blue Sea. JC spent his youth listening to Kiss records eventually teaching himself to play his favorite songs on a beat up acoustic guitar. Years later, he picked up the bass guitar out of necessity when his last band Vipers and Thieves needed it and hasn’t looked back. JT was brought up on a steady diet of 70’s and 80’s blues rock and heavy metal. He was a founding member of the hard rock Power Trio Harbinger and honed his blues rock licks in the Hell Hounds. His style emulates the techniques of his guitar heroes Randy Rhoads and Ace Frehley.

Bringing in over 60 collective years of song writing and gigging throughout San Diego and Southern California, Los Santos has hit the ground running with standing room only shows… Writing and playing original music with influences spanning from Led Zeppelin to the Ramones, Los Santos has created a loyal fan base. The band just released their 6 song self-titled EP and are playing live at a club near you! Los Santos is Brock on Drums and Vocals, JT on guitar and vocals, and JC on bass and vocals.