Man Accused Of Urinating In Co-Workers Water Bottle After Being Rejected


A 47-year-old chef from Minneapolis, MN is being accused of urinating in his co-workers water on multiple occasions and now he's facing charges according to authorities.

If your water is yellow, perhaps you might now want to drink it...

One woman has accused co-worker Conrrado Cruz Perez of urinating in her water bottle several times after she turned down his romantic advances, according to the Pioneer Press.  The two worked together at in the bakery of the Perkins Family Restaurant where Perez allegedly had a crush on her and would continually harass the woman and ask her out on a date.

She told the authorities that the man continued to harass her for several months after she rejected him and at that time she also started noticing that the water she kept at work in a bottle had started tasting like urine. She detected the foul flavor roughly 15 times.

Initially Perez denied being involved, but later admitted to relieving himself in her water bottle when the investigators informed him that they would peform DNA tests on the urine in the water.  Perez then confessed that he did it only because he was really busy at work because orders were piling up and he was too busy to use the restroom.  He also claims that he meant to dispose of the bottle afterwards but would forget to do so.  

Conrrado Cruz Perez has now been charged with two counts of adulterating a substance with bodily fluids according to the complaint filed by the court.

A manager at the Perkins restaurant said that Perez previously worked there as a baker but was immediately fired following the allegations.  

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