Man Clings To Hood Of A Car As It Drives Down Florida Highway

This video of a man clinging for his life on the hood of a Mercedes while barreling down the highway  at 70mph has gone viral this week after fellow motorist @danimidah posted it on Twitter and left the internet asking why?

After the driver, Patresha Isidore was released on a bond she told WSVN news that Francis who was the man on the hood of the car is her ex-boyfriend and they still live together.  

According to Isidore she told Francis that she needed to pick up their daughter but Francis didn't want her to take his Mercedes-Benz Sedan.

“I had to go get my child. I wasn’t going to deal with any foolishness,” she said, adding that Francis jumped on top of the car to prevent her from leaving. "He had plenty of times to get off the car. He didn’t want to stop."

Francis admitted that it was him on the hood of the car and that it was just instinct to jump on the hood as she began to back away.

"She turned the engine on, dropped it in reverse and turned," Francis said. "That's when things took a turn." 

You can see in the video that Francis is clinging to a windshield wiper with one hand and holding his cell phone in the other trying to call the cops.

Isidore finally exited the freeway

“When I was on the 95, I thought like, Hey, this is crazy, or whatever,” Isidore told Channel 7. “I actually pulled over to Ives Dairy and tried to stop the car, and he still didn’t want to get off.”

the driver has been charge with culpable negligence and exposure to harm and she says that she is going to file a restraining order against Francis.