Man Legally Changes His Gender To Save Money On Car Insurance

In Alberta Canada a 23-year-old man only known as "David" was shopping for car insurance for his Chevy Cruze.  His insurance company told him that he would pay a premium of $4,500 per year due to previous tickets and a collision.  If he was a woman, he later learned, that cost would drop to $3,400.

"I was pretty angry about that. And I didn't feel like getting screwed over any more," said David, who was 23 at the time. "So I asked them to change my gender on my auto policy, and she's like, we can't do that."

David then went to his doctor where he told him that he'd like to identify as a woman.   His doctor simply wrote him a note confirming this decision, which he then submitted to Alberta's provincial government and a few weeks later he received his new female birth certificate.

"I was quite shocked, but I was also relieved," said David, who wound up getting the lower premium and saving approximately $91 per month. "I felt like I beat the system. I felt like I won."

David stresses that he is still 100% male but legally a woman and all he was doing was taking advantage of a loophole for cheaper car insurance.

Turns out that "David" doesn't want to share his real name because the Insurance Bureau of Canada frowns upon this which constitutes "making a fraudulent claim" and "could impact you for any future insurance application that you make, or any other aspect of your life."

Just like the United States, car insurance is more expensive for men because women are less likely to have car accidents, getting speeding tickets, or getting arrested for drunk driving, Esurance says.

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