Man Serves His Friends Tacos Made From His Own Amputated Foot

"One friend had to spit me into a napkin" after finding out that the meat cooked was his own amputated leg.

If you could taste human flesh in an ethical way would you?  No matter what your response to that question, you never really expect to actually get presented with the option to actually do so.  

Recently on Reddit, however, user IncrediblyShinySmart shared the story of his motorcycle crash that left him with an amputated foot after a car hit his bike and shattering his lower leg to the point of never walking on it again.

When the doctor asked him if he wanted to amputate the leg he responded "Can I keep it?"

The doctor allowed him to keep his amputated foot and just three weeks after the accident he invited his most "open minded" friends over for a special brunch. He made them apple strudel, Quiches, fruit tarts and even a chocolate cake.  He served gin lemonade and mimosas and then for the main course... Shiny's severed human limb.

View the full set of graphic photos here *WARNING VERY GRAPHIC* 

The United States doesn't have a federal law which bans cannibalism.  There are laws against murder, buying and selling human meat, corpse desecration which makes cannibalism tough, but the actual consumption of human meat is not illegal.

In an interview with VICE they asked why did you do it:

"Originally I wanted to have it taxidermied or freeze-dried. How cool would it be to have my freeze-dried or taxidermied foot standing around the house as a lamp or a doorstop or something? All of this came out of the idea that it’s my foot. It’s not going to be cremated and chucked into a landfill. It’s a part of me, and I want it back."

How did you get the Doctor to give you your leg back?

"Most hospitals have policies where they will release your body parts to you because of some religions where you have to be buried whole, so I just signed the paperwork. My mom, who was helping me get back on my feet, so to speak, drove me back to pick it up. She doesn’t know I ate it, though. I went inside and the hospital gave me my foot in a red plastic biowaste bag. I brought it to the car and immediately put it in a cooler. It was pretty bizarre."

And of course How did he convince 10 friends to eat your foot with you?

I invited 11 people. I said something like, “Remember how we always talked about how, if we ever had the chance to ethically eat human meat, would you do it? Well, I’m calling you on that. We doing this or what?” Ten said yes. I guess we’re a weird group.

There were several different friend groups involved. I approached one group with the idea and they were like, “Totally.” Because how often are you going to get this chance? One friend said she’d ask her boyfriend, a chef, if he would do the cooking. Perfect.

How Did It Taste?

 It was almost like venison. And I think it’s more akin to that.

This particular cut was super beefy. It had a very pronounced, beefy flavor to it. The muscle I cut was tough and chewy. It tasted good, but the experience wasn’t the best.

Read this entire interview including how he preserved and cooked it at