Meet GayC/DC: The All-Gay Tribute band To AC/DC

Meet GayC/DC: Not your average tribute band.  They have taken songs from perhaps one of the most heterosexual bands on the planet and turned them into something much more fabulous!

They have taken songs like 'Problem Child' and given them a slightly different spin, now titled 'bottom child,' while 'Whole Lotta Rosie' has turned into 'Whole lotta Jose,'  'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' has transformed into 'Dirty Dudes Done Dirt Cheap.' And then of course there is 'Big Balls' that doesn't need any help whatsoever.

"I grew up listening to AC/DC, they’re part of my DNA," says drummer Brian Welch in and interview with "But that whole ‘boy/girl/boy bangs girl’ thing wasn’t something I could relate to. I wanted the songs to speak to me and that’s a big reason we started this band. Now, those iconic songs can speak to others who felt the way I did. And who can resist taking it to the most fabulous extreme! We love AC/DC. That’s why we do the music spot on, but have a bit of cheeky fun changing the lyrics around."

The band has gained a lot of attention after sharing the stage at the infamous Viper Room with former Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach and has been overtly trying to intertwine rock music with gay culture.

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