Piers Morgan Apologizes For Mocking Daniel Craig With Baby

British talk show host Piers Morgan thought it would be amusing to comment on a photo of James Bond actor Daniel Craig carrying his newborn baby on his chest in a baby carrier. The post, which was made on Sunday, October 14 said "Oh 007.. not you as well?!!!  ".  The backfire began almost immediately with mad dads and people in general responded in Craig's defense. 

One dad wrote "I don't know much about Piers Morgan so can't say anything negative about the man but I admire Daniel Craig for taking on the most important mission which is fatherhood. Here's me holding my child and some flowers for my wife just enjoying my emasculating mission.  pic.twitter.com/Xe6zH3l7yy"

Today, Piers "saved face" by taking a pie in the face on live television.  Nice to see that owned up to his mistake.

Photo: Getty Images



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