Pizza Hut's New Sneakers Will Order Pizza To Where Your Standing

Pizza Hut Pie Top Shoes

Pizza Hut's new Pie Top sneakers are back just in time for March Madness.  These shoes have special features that will help you enjoy your basketball viewing experience without missing a dribble.

These sneakers will not only order you a pizza, but they will also pause your TV.  There is a button built into the tongue of the shoe that connects to your phone via bluetooth and will order the Pizza Hut deal for two two-topping pizzas for just $5.99 and the other shoe can be used to pause your tv for when the pizza comes to the door.  This year the shoes won't answer the door for you, but maybe next year.

The shoes come in a red and a wheat color with pizza written down the side of the shoe. Nothing will scream pizza lover like these bad boys.

Better get your sneakers fast though, because they will only make a limited run on these shoes.

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Photo: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Pie Tops II - Red
Pizza Hut Pie Tops II - Wheat

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