Police Investigate After Boy Attempts #InMyFeelingsChallenge On I-15 Fwy

A driver on Southbound 15 was confused when he saw what appeared to be a young boy being ditched on the side of the freeway.  he jumped out of the van as it began to drive off.  Shortly after, the driver said he saw the boy get back into the van.

Investigators say that they believe it was because of the popular #InMyFeelingsChallenge that has many people jumping out of their car and dancing alongside the moving vehicle to Drake's song "In My feelings"

The video challenge has become so popular and so many people have gotten injured or hit by other cars that the National Transportation and Safety Board has issued a warning against the trend citing the dangers associated with distracted driving.

Authorities say that the mother could face charges as a result of her participation in this challenge.

Watch as this San Diego woman fails at the challenge by falling down as she tries to get back into the vehicle.