Raccoon Caught Climbing 23 Stories Up A Building

A raccoon is gaining internet stardom after scaling a 23-story building in St. Paul Minnesota where he then perched  himself on a ledge and took a nap. 

Animal control officials set out traps with food in hopes of catching the critter and bringing him safely to the ground.  The raccoon had other ideas, however, and didn't fall for the lures or the traps and actually continued on and made it to the roof.

St. Paul's mayor even commented about the event on Twitter.  The raccoon began descending after he made it to a ledge on the roof. He just wanted to check out the view from a 23-story building apparently.

The raccoon had this to say after his photos have gone viral

"I'd like to thank God, the great people of Minnesota and the Wu-Tang Clan."

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