Robert Kraft Prostitution Scandal: More Famous People Could Be Named

Following Robert Kraft's arrest for soliciting prostitution as part of a large sex-trafficking sting in Florida today, sports writer and NFL Insider Adam Schefter told SportsCenter that more people are connected to the prostitution scandal that rocked the sports world today. He indicated that Robert Kraft is not the most famous person involved and that another, more notable person's name has not surfaced yet, “I’m also told that Robert Kraft is not the biggest name involved down there in South Florida,” Schefter said.

Schefter has not revealed his source and there is no word as to who the other "big name" might be. In light of these comments, it seems that today's sting operation and Robert Kraft's arrest may just be the tip of the iceberg where this sex-trafficking and prostitution case are concerned.

During a press conference held by the Jupiter, Florida Police Department, Chief Daniel Kerr denied the claims that someone more famous would be named from among the people who have been charged thus far, but he did say that the investigation into the alleged human trafficking is ongoing and that more arrests are possible.

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Juniper, Florida spa prostitution ring
Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Charged With Soliciting Prostitution  - Thumbnail Image

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Charged With Soliciting Prostitution

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