Ronda Rousey Gives Uncomfortable Answer When Asked About Returning To MMA


Ronda Rousey made rounds on ESPN on Tuesday with less than two weeks to go before her debut for the WWE WrestleMania 34 on April 8th, and her responses to the interviewer are what left the internet not too happy with her attitude yet again.

The former UFC women's bantamweight champion appeared on the Golic and Wingo Show and when asked about her MMA career things start to get a little uncomfortable.  See the 30-second mark in the video above.

Golic asks Rousey when she knew that she was ready to retire from the MMA.  

Which led to the following exchange:

Rousey: "I never said that."

Golic: "Ah so there's a possibility you could go back in time..."

Rousey: "There's a possibility I could go back in time?"

Golic: "Go back in time and fight. Go back in the Octagon."

Rousey: "I do not have the ability to go back in time, no."


Later that day, Rousey was interviewed by Max Kellerman on First Take and mentioned that "some people" were negative toward Rousey after her two consecutive losses which brought her from her undefeated status and the backlash that followed when she seemingly gave up her career because of losing.  Rousey then insinuated that Kellerman was using the phrase to hide behind his own opinions.

Kellerman back peddled a little bit and said that it was not his opinion and that he has supported her career the entire time.  After which she thanked him for defending her and the interview went to something a little less awkward.


aaaand here's what Twitter had to say:



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