Ronda Rousey Inducted Into UFC Hall of Fame


If you didn't follow Ronda Rousey's career as it happened she came on to the scene like a bolt of lightning and then crashing down with little forewarning.  She forced herself into a promotion that held no place for women, she jolted heads and came in strong and dominating the women's division.  Then, she seemed to disappear just as quickly as she arrived.

On Thursday night, Rousey made a return to the UFC - for one night only- to accept her induction into the UFC's Hall of Fame.

As she made her speech she appeared happy and humbled to accept the honor and in some ways some say it was her final farewell to the UFC as she enters a new career in the WWE.

“You know I’m not a person who usually struggles to find words. From the bottom of my heart my soul, my toes, my entire being, I want to thank you,” she said. “For the first decade of my athletic career, I was at the pinnacle of athletic accomplishment and no one seemed to care. Nothing changed, and then you came along. The only reason why anything that I ever did had any effect on the world is because you took the time to let it affect you.

“Words will never express how humbled I am that you gave me the honor of being the person that made all this possible,” she continued. “I’m not the first person who had the ability to do this, but I am here because I’m the first person you took the time to watch.”


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