Roundhouse of Values Landmark In La Mesa Being Demolished

Drew Ford Roundhouse of Values

The Drew Ford Roundhouse of Values, once a landmark  for drivers traveling through La Mesa since the 1960's is now being demolished.

The iconic structure was built in 1967 and was originally known as the Drew Ford Rotunda and later renamed the "Roundhouse of Values" according to the La Mesa planning commissioner and president of the La Mesa Historical Society.

Not only was it a dealership though, some attended proms and other community events inside the building as well as purchasing their first cars.

IN a statement released on Monday, the new renovated facility will be opening within 12-18 months.

“It’s one of those icons that has always been there,” he said. “It’s one  of those things that generations hold onto, a multigenerational thing  for the last 50 years that anybody who drove down U.S. 80 or Interstate  8, when you’d see the roundhouse, you knew you were in La Mesa.” said the president of the La Mesa Historical Society.

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