San Bernardino Boy Arrested For Impersonating Cop, Initiates Traffic Stop


A San Bernardino boy, 14, has been arrested for impersonating a sheriff's deputy and carrying out made-up investigations, police say. This surveillance footage shows the fake cop in action

The A 14-year-old was arrested yesterday (3/7) after pretending to be a sheriff's deputy who would even go as far as to launch phony investigations and pulled people over in his San Bernardino neighborhood in an SUV that was fitted with flashing blue and red lights, officials say.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office was alerted the day before he was arrested when a Victorville homeowner reported that an unmarked white Ford Explorer pulled into their driveway and when he got out he was wearing a sheriff's uniform with a gun holster and radio.  the suspect then knocked on the homeowner's door and claimed he was there to investigate a domestic disturbance.  

"The homeowner informed him there was no problem and they had not placed a call to the police," the sheriff's office said. "The suspect tried to open the door but the homeowner had locked it."

The homeowner claims that the suspect then returned to his white Explorer after an exchange of words with the homeowner, who followed him to the driveway.  The homeowner says she didn't even notice that he was 14 years old, only that he was a police officer.

"I saw a police officer in dress code, that's what I saw, and that's what was really concerning," she said.

Over the course of their investigations, it was determined that the boy interacted with at least two other people while impersonating a deputy.

"The suspect again activated the emergency lights mounted inside of the front windshield of the vehicle, causing a white male, approximately 16-years-old, to come out of his house.  once again the suspect claimed that he was investigating a domestic disturbance call and when the 16-year-old told him there was no disturbance, the suspect left." sheriff's office said.  

That same day, the teen reportedly pulled over a woman and gave her a warning before letting her go.

14 year old impersonates a sheriff and launches his own investigations, pulls people over

When deputies caught up with the suspect's white Ford Explorer they found the uniformed teen inside.

Deputies later searched his home and found a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department uniform as well as ballistic vests, fake guns, a large amount of counterfeit money and other law enforcement related items.

According to police, the white SUV belonged to the boys great grandfather but it wasn't clear fi the boy lived with his great-grandfather and how he was able to access the vehicle.

The boy was already on probation at the time of his arrest and was being held at a juvenile detention center east of Los Angeles, according to police.


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