Santa Fe High School Shooter That Killed 10 Has Been Identified

Santa Fe High School Shooter Identified As 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis

The suspected shooter hast been arrested after a rampage that eneded with 10 dead at Santa Fe High School in Texas this morning.  The guns possessed by the 17-year-old were owned by his father and officials say he planned on killing himself.

The shooter, who has been identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis used his father's shotgun and .38 caliber revolver and he did not legal possess the firearms.

At this time officials say they do not know whether or not the father knew he was going to take them but there  may be two other people of interest.  One person was on the scene and had very suspicious reactions and are unsure that this person was involved in the attack.  The second person in question will not be identified at this time.

Officials say the teen has no previous criminal history and there were no warning signs of the attack although Pagourtzis had shared photos on Facebook at one point of himself in a t-shirt that said "born to kill" as well as clothes adorned with German nationalist iconography.

Otherwise, he seemed to be a normal teen.  He played on the defensive line of the school football team during his freshman year and was commended on his school website in 2016 for his "huge role" in shutting down a rival teams running game.  He was also a member of the dance squad with a local Greek Orthodox church.

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