Sex Toys Worth $1.2 Million Stolen From Delivery Truck

Police in Northampton, England are investigating a theft of over $1.2 million worth of sex toys. The toys were stolen on September 18, 2019 from a delivery truck that was parked overnight while the driver slept inside. Police say someone cut the lock on the trailer and made off with the naughty goods, but they have yet to catch the culprits. Lacking any solid leads, the department made a post on their Facebook page asking anyone who may have witnessed the theft to come forward.

As you might imagine, the police department's post has received some interesting comments...with one user adding that thieves were probably "Already in handcuffs" and another writing "They'll get a stiff sentence when they're caught."

Rocks Off Ltd., which bills itself as "The UK's leading sex toy manufacturer and designer", apologized to its customers and thanked them for being "extremely supportive in what has been a very difficult situation".

Photo: Getty Images

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