Should Santa Be Gender Neutral? New Survey Says Yes

A new survey has been released that asked people in the U.K. and America how Santa Claus should be modernized to better fit into the 21st century.  The responses included everything from what phone he should carry, to how he should look and travel, where he should shop and about 10% of respondents wanted Santa to switch genders, with 17% saying Santa should go "gender neutral".

Fox News reported on the survey done by a logo-making company called GraphicSprings, who initially surveyed 800 people in the U.S. and U.K., then asked another 4,000 people to vote on the responses of the initial group.  Here are the highlights:

23% - Santa should have an iPhone

25% - Santa should wear sneakers or trainers

18% - Santa should be 'more hipster'

22% - Santa should ditch the sleigh and reindeer for a flying car

25% - Santa should give up the toy workshop and use Amazon Prime

10% - Santa should switch genders / 17% go gender neutral

Many respondents suggested that Santa should update his appearance by sporting tattoos, losing weight, and adopt a new hairstyle. No feedback on whether he should shave off his iconic beard and mustache.

In a survey done by News 12 in New Jersey, 27% of those polled would 'rebrand' Santa as a gender other than male. 

Photo: Bigstock

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