12 Signs You're From San Diego

Avocadoes work with EVERY food group

it's true!  you can have an avocado for breakfast lunch or dinner because they are just amazing like that.

Flip Flops are your shoe year-round

Flip flops are your go-to shoe because they just work for every single occasion.  You can dress them up or dress them down or even wear them as a rain shoe.  

May grey and June gloom are a nuisance

Just when Summer hits and we want to be at the beach getting our tan on, May grey and June gloom sets in and robbing us of our chance to start getting our tan on. So annoying!

Snow days don't happen, but fire days are real

Snow days for us are just a thing in movies, but fire days are very real and schools being closed for a week are a very real thing during Santa Ana season.  

You feel like you're going to die from frostbite when the weather drops below 60 degrees

I mean, we are used to perfect weather year-round, so as soon as it drops below 60 degrees you can find us bundled up with jackets in doors waiting for the snow to fall.

All hell breaks loose when it rains

We're so used to droughts because we do live in a desert after all.  So when it starts raining the entire county goes haywire.  No one can seem to drive in the rain and either drives suuuuper slow or way too fast.  We don't even own a rain coat so we usually end up just not going outside.  Basically rain is so foreign to us that we have no idea what to do with ourselves.

Everyone outside of CA drives incredibly slow

You have no idea why but apparently driving over the speed limit is against the law in other states and really uncommon everywhere else.  In fact you can guarantee anyone with out of state plates will be the one holding up traffic here too.

Keep it classy san diego

You live where people vacation and you're proud of it

You know you live in America's Finest City.  You're very well aware and you're proud of our perfect weather, beautiful beaches and amazing food and craft beer.

You pretty much live off of Mexican food or In n Out

Your friends come to visit so your first choice is Mexican food or In N Out because salsa and guacamole run through your veins.

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