Slash Says There Is A Pretty Good Possibility Of New Guns N' Roses Album

Guns n roses possible new album

Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash has not ruled out the possibility of recording new music.  "It's been talked about. I think everyone wants to do it, and we'll just see what happens"

According to Slash, their original plan for a Guns N' Roses reunion was only to play five shows a nd that they didn't want a big long-term thing.

Now that he and Axl are on good terms they both agreed to put together a show for Coachella and everything went so well that the band started to fall back into place.

Slash recalls the first time he reconnected with Axl Rose after nearly two decades: "The most surreal moment was soundcheck at the Troubadour [in April 2016] — that was a very surreal moment. Way before we played the show and everything, just being together with everybody, being in that particular environment, of course stuffing 10 times more gear in there than we had back in the day. And then looking over and seeing Axl and seeing Duff[McKaganGUNS N' ROSES bassist], that was a very surreal moment. The rest of it seemed very, very new. I'm with a guy who was a partner in crime with me for many years before we had this, sort of, falling-out thing. And then, obviously, Duff. And we were up there playing these gigs. And I know these guys, I know these songs, but something about it was not really reminiscent of, say, the 'Use Your Illusion' tour. So it felt really fresh and new. It's an interesting thing. It didn't hit those tiny moments of, like, 'Oh my God! I remember hitting this chord, and he was there back in 1991,' or anything like that."

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