Slayer's Kerry King Offers A Bit of Advice To A Successful Hookup


Jim Jefferies introduced us to a "Incels" - known as "involuntary celibates," also known as men who can't get laid to save their lives and therefore blame women for this inability and therefore complain about it ad nauseum. 

Self proclaimed "incels" have been thrust into the spotlight recently after a man who identified as one carried out a vehicular killing spree on Toronto killing 10 people and injuring several others.

Comedian Jim Jefferies discussed the topic on his show (May 2nd) with the help of Slayer's co-founder Kerry King who revealed his secret to hooking up with hundreds of women without being a mysoginist a-hole.

King, isn't exactly a conventionally attractive fellow, Jeffries points out, a contention the Slayer guitarist wholeheartedly agrees with — so how has the Big Four thrasher managed to overcome this obstacle?

"Learning to play the guitar," responded King, before strolling off the set. So there you have it, incels: instead of shitposting on 4chan, grab a six-string and crank out "Raining Blood."


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