'Solo: A Star Wars Movie' Struggles At The Box Office On Opening Weekend


Solo: A Star Wars Story struggled at the box office on opening weekend. Many are claiming it is franchise fatigue for being released too close to 'The Last Jedi' while others claim cinema goers are spending money on competing movies like Deadpool 2 and Avengers Infinity War. Perhaps the movie itself just wasn't that good?

Fair warning!  This article may contain spoilers

The problem though is that Disney is trying to create a movie and sell tickets to see a storyline that we already know the ending we've already seen how that ties into a universe we are very well acquainted with.  Bottom line is, the movie has no mystery.  The movie has no real reason to exist other than it being a cash grab.

"Solo" received less than fantastic reviews and faced a lot of skepticism from the die-hard fans, some of whom had absolute meltdowns over creative decisions made on 'The Last Jedi'.  Die hard fans claim that Disney is trying too hard to please everyone.  Trying to please the older fans while trying to gain attention of new millennial fans and children to keep the series strong in the long term.

Some box office officials say that it's just unrealistic to assume that every single "Star Wars" movie is going to be box office gold. Movie-goers gave the movie received an A-minus grade which is not what Disney hoped for, of course, but it's still a very respectable grade.

Did you see the movie?  What did you think of it?

Eddie gives it a B.  Tell us what you thought of it:



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