Sports Illustrated Shows Support For #MeToo Movement With Nude Photoshoot

Sports Illustrated Supports #MeToo Movement With Nude Photoshoot

As the #MeToo Movement continues to grow in the entertainment industry Sports Illustrated had to get in on the movement by responding with an "empowering" photo shoot of its own.

Hitting news stands next week photographer Taylor Ballantyne shot the photos for the magazine's new "In Her Words" project. Which shows nude models with words written across their bodies that describe them.  

“These are sexy photos. At the end of the day, we’re always going to be sexy, no matter what is happening," Sports Illustrated Editor M.J. Day told Vanity Fair. "The ideal is to create something artful, to create a beautiful image that both the subject and the team is proud of and collaborates on together.”

So the question is...

Do you think that posing nude in a magazine supports and empowers a movement that is trying to eliminate sexual misconduct against women or do you think the magazine is just trying to use the movement to sell a magazine? Check out these photos and then tell us what you think below.



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