Stoned Guy Tries To Fix Flat Tire With Band-Aids

The Mission Viejo Police Department posted of the vehicle which had severe tire cuts and holes on the driver side. The driver had tried to stuff the holes with gauze and cover the cuts and holes with Band-Aids. Residents of the area thought the man looked suspicious and he seemed to be having difficulty with the tire, so they called the police.

The police department's post:

At about 6 a.m. this morning, an alert citizen noticed a suspicious man next to a parked vehicle near Felipe / Barbadanes and called dispatch at (949)-770-6011. When deputies arrived, they noticed both of the driver’s side tires were flat and the 26 year old man was trying to use gauze and Band-Aids to repair his tires. He was arrested for being under the influence of drugs and taken to jail. This is another great example of the teamwork between our alert community and your deputies! Keep calling in suspicious activity to keep our city safe!

Facebook followers were amused by the incident, writing comments like: "Well that’s his problem, he wasn’t using real Band-Aids. Everyone knows the generic brands don’t stick" and "They should have waited 20 mins to watch him try and inflate the tires by mouth."🤣

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