San Diego Hidden Treasure: 1930's Shipwreck in Coronado

In February 2016 the USS Monte Carlo shipwreck resurfaced as a result of El Niño winter storms and high surf resulting in more erosion than normal.

History of The Monte Carlo Gambling Ship in Coronado

If you've been to Coronado Beach lately, you may have noticed a fascinating and quite unusual site. Erosion from last week's storms have exposed the outline of an old shipwreck.

It was known as the Monte Carlo...a 300-foot gambling casino that crashed on the beach on New Year's Eve 1936 when a storm broke mooring cables 3-miles offshore.  Local evangelists at the time called it a "Sin Ship" and even prayed for it to crash.

It's rumored that nearly 100-thousand dollars in silver dollars are still trapped under the wreck.

Coronado historian and journalist Joe Ditler shares the history of the ill-fated Monte Carlo gambling ship in this article published by  Joe is a writer and historian who has written more about the shipwreck Monte Carlo than anyone. He was development and promotions director at the San Diego Maritime Museum for 12 years, executive director of the Coronado Museum for three years, past editor-in-chief of the city magazine, CORONADO Magazine, and has three books he is working on involving Coronado stories and history. Visit Joe on Facebook.  

Historical Photo Courtesy of the Coronado Public Library

Aerial Photo By Joe Ditler.

USS Monte Carlo Shipwreck

USS Monte Carlo Shipwreck

Photos Joe Ditler

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