Study Finds These Top 20 Hobbies Are Dying Out

Study finds that these top hobbies are dying out

Because people are working longer hours, have less disposable income or are spending too much time on social media, means that fewer and fewer people are unable to take the time out to enjoy traditional pastimes.

Among those, stamp collecting, embroidery and building model airplanes or cars were among the things that people just aren't interested in anymore despite the study revealing that hobbies tend to bring couples closer together with half of them using it as something to talk about.

The 20 least common hobbies:

1. Trainspotting

2. Quilting

3. Astrology

4. Scrapbooking

5. Home brewing

6. Squash

7. Mechanics

8. Astronomy

9. Woodworking

10. Toy collecting

11. Model building

12. Embroidery

13. Cards

14. Stamp collecting

15. Dancing

16. Coin collecting

17. Painting

18. Camping

19. Golf

20. Genealogy