Ten Signs You're Actually A Cheapskate


Ten Signs You're Actually A Cheapskate 

There's frugal and then there is just a cheapskate.  Frugal is trying to save money and being a cheapskate is taking that just a little too far.  In fact if y ou're a cheapskate you may think that a little five finger discount here and there from the local condiment tray or take more than your fair share of mints at the restaurant is perfectly okay.

Here are 10 signs you are in fact a Cheapskate like Thor.

Tightwad Trick #1 -The Hotel Heist

Sometimes, the thrifty folks will take home the extra soaps and lotions that are left in your room after a hotel stay, but if you have a habit of hitting up the housekeeper's cart for extra bars of soap and shampoo, you're not only stealing from the hotel, you're wasting your time stealing from the hotel.  The savings on a bar of soap is so minimal that it's hardly worth even bothering to do it.

2. Cream, Sugar and THIEVERY

When you're at the local gas station or hanging out at the coffee shop and they have all the little coffee creamer containers out and you decide to take a handful cream, honey, sugar, syrup is still stealing.  

Don't sell your dignity for chump change.

3. The Condiment Crook

Okay, so a lot of us probably have condiment packages floating around in our drawers and there is nothing wrong with keeping the extra packets that are left over in your french fry bag but again this too can be taken too far.  

Jamming handfuls of sauce packets every time you go out to eat is basically stealing.  If you prefer to open each and every single ketchup packet rather than get an actual bottle of ketchup and do it all at once you can purchase a box of 500 packets online for just $7.19.  There you go.  Go buy your own.

4. The Glassware Klepto

When you're drinking at your local watering hole and you decide you like the glasses on the table and decide that you want to take one home.  That's STEALING!  Go get your own beer steins that haven't been used by 10,000 other bar patrons before you.

Read more ways you could be a tightwad at MSNMoney.com


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